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Farah Madon awarded ACAA Fellow Membership

Farah Madon awarded ACAA Fellow Membership

Farah Madon was awarded ACAA (Association of Consultants in Access Australia) Fellow membership at the 2022 ACAA AGM for her significant contribution to ACAA and to the field of disability access.

Farah has served as a management committee member of ACAA for numerous years since 2010 and is the current Vice President of ACAA. As part of the management committee, she has organised 4 (four) ACAA National Conferences and was the founding editor of the association's Access Insight magazine.

She has also represented ACAA on multiple committees such as Standards Australia Committee ME-064 responsible for the suite of Australian Standards AS1428, RAIA’s (Australian Institute of Architect's) National Enabling Architecture Group, NDIS SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Reference Group and most recently on the ABCB's (Australian Building Codes Board's) LHIAC (Livable Housing Implementation Advisory Committee).

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